Michael Strahan Has Under Paid Child Support and Dodged Daughters' Equestrian Expenses, His Ex-Wife Alleges

Former NFL defensive end and current co-host of Good Morning America, Michael Strahan, is [...]

Former NFL defensive end and current co-host of Good Morning America, Michael Strahan, is currently facing allegations of underpaid child support and avoiding paying for equestrian expenses. According to TMZ, he allegedly owes his ex-wife nearly $500,000. Although Strahan has denied portions of these claims.

In the legal documents obtained by TMZ, Jean Muggli Strahan alleges that the former New York Giants defender agreed to share the expenses for his twin daughters' horseback riding bills, amounting to $450,802 since 2017. She is seeking more than $225,000 for what she believes to be his share of the expenses.

In addition, Strahan's ex-wife also says that he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars for underpaid child support, citing that his current payments have not been adjusted for the cost of living changes. Jean is currently seeking $321,654, which brings the entire total to more than $547,000.

Strahan and Jean originally married in 1999 but split in 2006 when he was still a member of the Giants. At the time of the divorce, the judge awarded Jean $15.3 million and ordered the defensive end to pay $18,000 a month in child support.

However, this number was reduced to $13,000 per month following his retirement from the NFL. However, Jean now believes that Strahan can afford to boost child support payments once again due to his time working on Good Morning America, as well as Fox NFL Sunday. She is now requesting support payments totaling $18,378 per month.

According to TMZ, Strahan did admit that the agreement about child support payments does include making adjustments for cost-of-living. However, he also referred to the language defining the number change as "vague and indefinite."

The pair recently met at a court in Manhattan to discuss their previous settlement, but the situation is not over. There is a second court date set for November, at which point the financial aspects will assuredly be discussed.

Originally a second-round pick by the New York Giants in the 1993 NFL Draft, Strahan spent his entire career in the Big Apple. He won a Super Bowl with the team following the 2007 season and was named to the Pro Bowl seven separate times. Strahan is the current record holder for sacks in a season, boasting 22.5.

In his career, Strahan earned $76,837,500, per Over The Cap. This played a role in defining the original child support payments, as well as the reduction following his retirement. The specifics of his current salary on GMA and Fox NFL Sunday are unknown, but Forbes listed him among the highest-paid TV hosts in 2017 after bringing in an estimated $21 million for his various jobs.

Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty