Michael Strahan Gives COVID-19 Diagnosis Update

Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan revealed in late January that he had tested positive. This news explained his absence from the show and sparked concerns among fans, but Strahan has since provided an update. He sent in a video to the show and revealed that he is on the mend.

"Thank you to everyone who reached out and sent me the get well wishes, all the advice on how to feel better," Strahan said. "[...] I just wanted to thank everybody out there. You guys don't know how much it means to me to know how many people care about me and my health. I really, really am thankful and grateful for every one of you." Strahan continued and said that he is on his way to full recovery and said that he is very grateful to be on the backside.

"I'm doing well, just trying to rest as much as I can, trying to hydrate as much as I can, trying to get my strength back, so I can get back to work as soon as possible," Strahan continued. "I miss you guys. I miss work. For my own sanity, I gotta get out of this house. But with all the protocols, you gotta follow them, so I have been quarantining and just trying to do everything that I can to get healthy, so I can get back."

Strahan continued his message by stressing the importance of wearing a mask, using disinfectant wipes and washing your hands. Though Strahan also clarified that he had done all of those things and had still tested positive for coronavirus. He used this example to explain why he still ended up in isolation and dealing with symptoms.

"It is more than just about you," Strahan said. "It's about the people you're around and the fellow human being. Protect yourself and, by doing that, you're gonna protect others." Strahan added that "you don't want COVID" and that people do not want to go through what he did. "I really, really appreciate everybody," Strahan said in closing. "I hope everybody has a great morning. Good Morning, America! Love you guys. Miss you and see you soon."


While Strahan did miss time on Good Morning America while dealing with his symptoms, he was able to make an appearance during the special virtual Pro Bowl celebration. He and Charissa Thompson hosted a Madden NFL 21 tournament that featured Bubba Wallace, Jamal Adams, Kyler Murray, Marshawn Lynch on the NFC team. These stars faced off with Snoop Dogg, Deshaun Watson, Keyshawn Johnson and Derrick Henry in a battle of video game football.