Michael Strahan Elbow Bumps With Katherine Schwarzenegger Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

With citizens around the world showing concern over COVID-19, they have adopted new forms of greeting others. Instead of shaking hands, they are bumping elbows or throwing up friendly hand gestures. Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan has adopted this strategy, which he showed during a recent interview with Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger recently appeared on GMA to promote her upcoming book, "The Gift of Forgiveness." This book is focused on teaching people how to forgive others even if their actions were unforgivable. Schwarzenegger wanted to promote this message during the interview with Strahan, but she also wanted to use the proper technique for maintaining health.

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"Thank you @strahansarakeke for having me on to talk about my new book, #thegiftofforgiveness ! Go to the swipe up link in my stories to watch the full interview and order your copy of my book today!" Schwarzenegger wrote on Instagram after the interview. She also showed herself giving the "elbow bump" to Strahan.

According to the CDC, one of the best ways to avoid the spread of coronavirus is to practice good hygiene. This includes regularly washing your hands and disinfecting common places that are touched frequently, such as door handles. However, the most prominent method listed in the guide is to avoid handshakes. The CDC recommends incorporating other methods of greeting into daily life.

Schwarzenegger and Strahan heard this instruction and took it to heart. They put the elbow bump on full display, both during the broadcast and on social media. Viewers could witness the greeting and automatically know that they were taking the situation seriously.

Interestingly enough, Schwarzenegger was not the only member of her family showing off proper techniques for keeping healthy amid coronavirus concerns. Her father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently posted a video on social media that was supposed to serve as a handwashing guide for his fans.

"Watch this," Arnold tells his dog Cherry in the video. "You put a little bit of [soap], then you wash very, very clean, okay? You see? Then I go up like this, then I go up like that. Then I go here, then here, then you wash your thumbs. That's how we wash [our] hands. You wash them for 20 seconds, minimum."


The former California Governor is taking health and hygiene seriously, and so is his daughter. These two members of the Schwarzenegger family want to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, and they are showcasing this mindset on social media.

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