Donald Trump Avoids Handshake at Coronavirus Press Conference, and Cardi B Shares Hilarious Reaction

President Donald Trump held a press conference on Monday in order to further discuss the ongoing coronavirus crisis. During the event, which was focused on taking strong health and safety measures amidst the pandemic, Trump appeared to try and shake the hand of one of his team members, but the two later settled for an elbow bump. As many Americans were tuned into his updates, some, like singer Cardi B, caught the awkward moment for themselves.

On Instagram, Cardi B posted a video of Trump's latest interaction, which she couldn't help but laugh about. In the clip, Cardi and some of her friends could be seen reacting to the moment. When Trump was denied a handshake by the person on his team, Cardi and her friends laughed along to the clip, with the "Bodak Yellow" singer's laugh being the loudest chuckle of them all.

Trump's press conference came amidst growing concerns over the coronavirus from across the country. Many Americans are currently undergoing social distancing efforts in order to try and combat the spread of the coronavirus. According to the president, there is no clear end date when it comes to these efforts, although he mentioned that they could go on until July or August, per CBS News.

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The president also shared that Americans should avoid gatherings of 10 people or more, following previous guidelines shared in states such as California and New York, which have encouraged people to avoid bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. He also urged older individuals to stay home and to avoid others.

“It’s important for the young and healthy people to understand that while they may experience mild symptoms. They can easily spread this virus and they will spread it indeed, putting countless others in harm’s way,” Trump said, per Deadline.

Trump also said that he had been in a discussion recently with one of his sons and that he told him that the situation is "bad." He added that it is an "invisible enemy."


This latest press conference came a few days after Trump announced a national emergency in response to this coronavirus outbreak. On Friday, he said that he would be enacting the Stafford Act, which provides for increased funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

At the time, he also urged hospitals across the country to ensure that proper emergency preparedness procedures were in place in order to "meet the needs of Americans everywhere."