Watch: Mets Player Takes 94 MPH Fastball to the Face

The New York Mets suffered a scare when one of their players took a fastball to the face. On [...]

The New York Mets suffered a scare when one of their players took a fastball to the face. On Monday night, Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar was hit in the face after Atlanta Braves pitcher Jacob Webb threw a 94 mph fastball. Pillar went down quickly while blood was pouring from his nose. He was quickly helped to his feet and was escorted from the field with towels covering his face.

All the Mets and Braves players were shocked as they were watching the scene unfold. After the game, Pillar went to Twitter to reveal that he's doing OK but admitted it was a "scary moment." On Tuesday morning, the Mets announced that Pillar suffered multiple nasal fractures and will meet with the facial specialist in Atlanta to determine the next steps.

"This guy's a warrior. He shows up every day to play hard, and you guys saw him, he got up on his feet and left," Mets manager Luis Rojas said on Tuesday. "There's no chance I thought he was going to be able to do that after I saw the ball hit him in the face, but he got up and he left. That's at least one positive to see."

The Braves removed Webb from the game and was seen in the dugout very upset about the incident. "Nobody in the ballpark thought [Webb] was trying to do that on purpose," Braves catcher Jeff Mathis said. "He felt terrible. That was obviously nothing he wanted to do. But it is a part of baseball. As much as it stinks, all we can do is hope that he is OK."

"That's about as sickening a thing you can see on a baseball field, when a kid gets hit like that," Braves manager Brian Snitker said. "I just keep that kid in my prayers. Hopefully, everything will work out OK, because this guy is nothing but a pro, the way he handles himself and the way he plays the game." The Mets won the game 3-1 and continue to stay in first place in the NL East.