Watch: Matt Hardy Hits Head on Concrete in Frightening Botched Fall at AEW All Out

A scary incident occurred on Saturday night during AEW's All Out pay-per-view event. Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara took part in a match and made their way to the top of a scissor lift. Following a botched fall, Hardy hit his head on the concrete and eventually ended up in the hospital.

After fighting each other for position, the two wrestlers dove off the lift onto some tables. However, the pair overshot the target, and Hardy's head bounced on the concrete. Viewers felt that something was wrong, considering that the veteran could not get to his feet. AEW President Tony Khan rang the bell and stopped the match so a doctor could come in and examine the performer. Ultimately, the match continued, much to the displeasure of Hardy's wife, Reby.

"Let me be absolutely f—ing clear. There is NOTHING entertaining about a concussion. Shame on everyone in that g—d— building," Reby tweeted on Saturday from her now-protected account. A user responded and said that Hardy made the choice, which prompted another fiery comment. "Reading is fundamental, you absolute a—hat. Matt was the #1 idiot in this scenario. I'll let you figure out who #2 was. Also, f— you."

Reby later provided an update on her husband's condition. She tweeted that he is still in the hospital and that he underwent a CT scan. She also wrote that this was "1000%" a concussion. Reby then threw subtle shade at AEW by saying that "anyone with eyes" could have told you that.

Khan also faced questions about Hardy and the incident on Saturday night. He said during a media scrum that the health and safety of the performers is the company's top priority. Khan also explained that he rang the bell to pause the match due to concern that Hardy had suffered an injury.


A reporter asked a follow-up about the amount of time that it took for the doctor to clear Hardy before the match continued. Khan responded by saying, "Yes, there was a good amount of time to make the decision. The doctor did clear him. Matt did not pressure him, and Dr. Sampson would not be pressured into clearing anybody."

According to Khan, Dr. Sampson is willing to pull players from matches "without hesitation." He does so based on blood tests or injuries. Khan also reiterated that he would never go against Dr. Sampson's decisions, saying, "Most importantly, Matt would not have been able to overrule the doctor's decision. Not with the doctor and not with me. That's what happened."