Matt Hardy in Car Accident, Photo Revealed of Aftermath

All Elite Wrestling performer Matt Hardy frightened wrestling fans on Saturday. He revealed that he had been involved in an auto accident. He showed off his damaged car and provided some free advice to his fans to keep them from experiencing a crash of their own.

Hardy posted a photo on Twitter Saturday morning that showed his Cadillac sedan with some major body damage. The trunk was dented while the bumper laid on the ground behind the car. Hardy told his fans to avoid "rubbernecking" at auto accidents due to the potential of creating another one. He then expressed gratitude for being "invincible."

"Glad you’re ok, Matt! Thank goodness you got another payment from the Bucks coming your way!" one Twitter user commented after seeing the damaged Cadillac. Several expressed relief that Hardy was ok and then added in some jokes. They said that the AEW performer is constantly putting his body on the line to teach people valuable lessons.

This car wreck is not the first time that Hardy sparked concern among AEW fans. He previously landed in the hospital after crashing through a table and hitting his head. He underwent testing to determine if he had sustained a concussion.

The incident occurred in September during an AEW: All Out pay-per-view event. He and Sammy Guevara climbed to the top of a scissor lift and then crashed through a table. However, the pair overshot the target, and Hardy's head bounced on the concrete. Viewers felt that something was wrong, considering that the veteran could not get to his feet. AEW President Tony Khan rang the bell and stopped the match so a doctor could come in and examine the performer.


The match ultimately continued with Hardy securing a victory, but he later went to the hospital. Meanwhile, his wife, Reby, took aim at AEW for letting the match continue while providing updates about his condition. She said that Hardy "1000%" had a concussion. Though Khan later disputed these comments with another update from the hospital.

"An update on Matt Hardy: it’s great news! Matt’s ok, we sent him to the hospital as a precaution & he's passed the MRI + CT scans, he doesn’t have a concussion, and he’s being driven home now," AEW president Tony Kahn wrote on Twitter. "Matt will be at Dynamite on Wednesday night to thank you amazing fans for your support!"