Marshawn Lynch Reflects on Super Bowl Loss With Kevin Hart on 'Cold As Balls' Exclusive Clip

Marshawn Lynch shared an interesting experience he had after suffering a brutal Super Bowl loss as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. obtained an exclusive clip of the former NFL running back talking to Kevin Hart on his sports talk show Cold As Balls. In the clip, Lynch shared his reaction to the loss, which happened on the final play of the game in Feb. 2015. 

"The play called, or whatever, blasé, blasé. The pick. Damn. I come off the sideline, and in my mind, I'm confused. And I'm walking by Pete [Carroll], I'm just laughing at him, like, 'Man, what the ... ' Okay," Lynch said in the clip. The Seahawks were playing the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX and were a yard away from winning their second consecutive championship. But instead of giving the ball to Lynch the clinch the title, the Seahawks decided to pass the ball which led to an interception by then-Patriots defensive back Malcolm Butler. 

Lynch goes on to talk about how he ran into Lenny Kravitz after the loss. "And I'm walking through, I see Lenny Kravitz. I'm like, 'Oh s—, man, what's happening?'" Lynch told Hart. "He like, 'Oh, hold on, what?' I'm like, 'Yeah, bro, it's like that. Hey man, it's a pleasure to meet you.' Yeah, it's like that." 

After interacting with Kravitz, Lynch said he got a show and grabbed his bottle of Hennessy. He then said: "So my family already know what type of time I'm on. So we bip in the whip, cracked my Henny open, slide it." That's when Hart stopped him and began to translate for the viewers at home. 


"So they were sliding, right? That mean they leaving," Hart said. "Cracked his bip in the whip means he opened up the Henny. He opened up the Henny because he wanted to drink it. 'Family knew what type of time he was on,' that mean his family knew he was upset about what happened at the game, so they're not going to question it, which is why he had to crack his bip in the whip to take a sip. So at that point, that's just to catch you guys up." Viewers can watch the entire conversation on the latest episode of Cold As Balls on Tuesday, May 24 at 11 a.m. ET on the Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel, Cold As Balls Facebook page and Hart's Facebook page.