Macy Gray's NBA All-Star Game National Anthem Raised Eyebrows On the Court and Online

Macy Gray's NBA All-Star performance of The National Anthem had many people making Fergie comparisons on Sunday. The singer was tapped to perform the anthem for the game in Cleveland, and reactions online and on the court, pointed toward the performance being another memorable one.

Jokes started to flood onto social media as soon as Gray appeared for the performance, going after low-hanging fruit on her fashion choice, looks, and even speculation that she was not 100% for the song. This borders on mean-spirited, when the only evidence needed is the singing itself.

If the minds behind the NBA All-Star telecast decided to invite Gray in order to mirror the Fergie performance, they had all of the elements in place. LeBron James even played the part of Draymond Green, cutting a smile during the performance in reaction to Gray's singing.

Trying to force it as a meme likely won't work in the same fashion as the Fergie performance from years prior. A big reason is that Gray's voice and take on the iconic tune were genuine. Does that mean everybody will love it or that it was traditionally "good" compared to other events? Probably not, but it will be memorable, and it's a thing to try.

Still, people couldn't help looking at the faces of Bill Murray and Ahmad Rashad for guidance or point out that LeBron James had a big smile on his face. Thankfully the love was present online, too, with fans showing their glee in Gray's public appearance.


"Any Macy Gray disrespect on my timeline must end! That was a fine, Macy Grayesque anthem. I quite enjoyed it," one fan wrote on Twitter. "There will no disrespect tolerated for the legend that is Macy Gray!" another added. "This Macy Gray performance of the national anthem is what Fergie thought she was going to sound like," a third wrote.

If one thing is evident from this year's event, it is how people can't treat opinions as subjective or share them without slamming another group who meant no harm. Jennifer Hudson might've been in attendance and she might have a more traditional voice. But this was Macy Gray's performance and she fulfilled the assignment on all counts. It's fine to not like it but it's also fine to keep the comments locked up.