Luke Perry's Son, AEW Wrestler 'Jungle Boy' Jack, Reveals Epic 4-Wheeler Front Flip Video

In the world of professional wrestling, it's critical to train properly for the upcoming bouts in the ring. Some stars grind in a standard gym, others incorporate Crossfit into their regimen. The Jungle Boy, however, has a very different method. He practices what is referred to as "Redneck Parkour."

In a video posted on Instagram, Jack Perry, the son of Luke Perry and a wrestler for the AEW, showed one of his more unique training methods. He was shown riding on the back of an ATV, which was driven by his sister, but this trip was short-lived. Perry jumped off the back onto a round bale of hay and then proceeded to sprint across more than a dozen that were arranged in the field.

To cap off the brief workout, the Jungle Boy did a front flip off the final bale of hay and then finished with a forward roll. While the move was impressive in itself, the head-turning aspect was that Perry was shirtless during this entire maneuver. There are fans with allergies that probably reached for the Benadryl after watching this video.

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Only 21 years old, Perry is a relative newcomer to AEW after joining the company in recent months. However, his love of wrestling is something that came from his father. From the age of 10, the future Jungle Boy was either watching wrestling with his father or training in pursuit of his dream.

"He used to watch with me growing up," Perry said in an interview with TV Insider. "He loved wrestling as a kid. It was something we can connect over. My dad's favorite wrestler growing up with Dusty Rhodes, which is kind of cool the way it has worked out. My dad told me the only time he got starstruck was when he met Dusty Rhodes. I just think it's really nice how it's happened in this roundabout way for me to be here with AEW."


Interestingly enough, the son of Luke Perry has now paired with the son of Dusty Rhodes. Cody Rhodes serves as the executive vice president of All Elite Wrestling and is someone that the young Perry must impress during his matches.

Through two matches as a member of the AEW, Perry has achieved this goal, including a performance in the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing in May. Of course, he can't become complacent with this early success, which is why he is training at every opportunity, including out in the fields.