Lou Brock Jr. Speaks out About Dad's Death

St. Louis Cardinals legend Lou Brock died at the age of 81 earlier this week and fans remember him as one of the best ever to play the game of baseball. His son, Lou Brock Jr., recently paid tribute to him in a column posted by The Post-Dispatch. The younger Brock said he loved growing up in St. Louis, saying it was a "wonderful experience."

"Everyone says St. Louis is a baseball town, and my father absolutely was a baseball guy," Brock said as reported by Herald & Review. "What is so amazing to me is how St. Louis' love for baseball has been honored with the likes of Jack Buck, Bob Gibson, Stan Musial, and all the wonderful guys. To know my dad's name honors the city, as well as MLB, is a gift." Brock went on to say because of his father, he was able to meet a number of famous people. And the one thing he learned is those people had "genuine admiration" for his father.

"I have to say it is well deserved since my memories of my father are full of him helping and speaking humanely to all people," Brock added. "He saw no barriers with people. I recall a hospital executive telling me how they never had to call the Cardinals to see if my dad could come visit children fighting illnesses because he would just show up with no one asking. And I thought, wow, he never mentioned that he just did it. I guess he saved the fanfare for the field."

When it comes to Brock Sr.'s success, Brock Jr. said he did it through is "mental acuity and mental toughness." He also said Cardinals legend was able to do a number of great things when he left the game. Brock didn't get to see it firs-hand since he was in college during the time.


“To baseball fans all over the world, thank you for your love of my dad. And thank you for all the condolences," Brock said at the end of his tribute. "To Cardinal nation, I will tell you one undisputable fact: He loved you just as much as you loved him. I am proud to have shared my dad with you. I salute you, dad, to a life well-lived! I thank God for the blessing of Lou Brock as my father."

Brock Sr. played 19 seasons in Major League Baseball and finished his career with 3,023 hits, a .293 batting average and 938 stolen bases, which was a league record at the time. He was named to the All-Star team six times and helped the Cardinals win the World Series in 1964 and 1967.