Lilian Garcia Details Return to WWE With Her Show 'Chasing Glory' (Exclusive)

Lilian Garcia has returned to WWE. In 2016, Garcia left the company and launched a new show called [...]

Lilian Garcia has returned to WWE. In 2016, Garcia left the company and launched a new show called Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, which has led to her interviewing current and former WWE Superstars as well as notable celebrities. This week, Chasing Glory made its debut on the free version of the WWE Network, and had a chance to talk to Garcia about coming back home.

"I want to thank [WWE] because from the very start of it, they gave me the OK to interview their current roster, which a lot of podcasts did not get," Garcia said in our PopCulture@Home series. "That helped me tremendously. [Triple H] invited me to NXT to do interviews for the NXT brand and their Superstars... I think it was just a matter of time. They were now launching this platform and the conversations on their free version that they were like, 'This is a perfect fit.' When they reached out, I didn't have to double-think."

Chasing Glory began as a podcast and expanded to YouTube. In the first episode on the WWE Network, Garcia talks to former WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman, who had his personal battles growing up. Garcia, who made her WWE debut as a ring announcer in 1999, has the ability to make her guest feel comfortable talking about uncomfortable and personal topics, which is why all of her guests stand out.

"Every single one of them have such a unique story," Garcia stated. "Everyone has a unique journey. The first thing that I tell them is [to] own your story. They also know on this podcast there is no judgment [and] we have all gone through something." She goes on to say how Strowman was able to open up and during a recent episode of the WWE Network docuseries Chronicle and how it took a lot of weight off his shoulders.

Chasing Glory has become a successful show as the podcast has been downloaded over 7 million times. And now that it's on the WWE Network, Garcia is looking forward to connecting with new fans. "More people are going to see the show," Garcia said, "which means more people are going to be helped. I got goosebumps today and my eyes got teared up when I was like, 'Wow, somebody out there has already listed to Braun Strowman's episode and it has affected them.' And that's so powerful."