Lewis Hamilton Pays Tribute to Chadwick Boseman After Winning Belgian GP

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton continued his dominant 2020 season on Sunday with a victory during the Belgian GP. Following the win, he paid tribute to Chadwick Boseman following his death at the age of 43 from colon cancer. Hamilton did the Wakanda salute and then dedicated the entire weekend to Boseman.

Hamilton reflected upon another victory, as well as Boseman, with a collage on Twitter. He showed himself doing the Wakanda salute in one image and then wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt in another. Hamilton had previously stated after qualifying that he wanted to be "perfect," and he achieved this goal during the Belgian GP. The victory put him ahead in the championship race by 47 points and only two victories away from Michael Schumacher's all-time record. It was a fitting performance to dedicate to Boseman.

Prior to winning the Belgian GP, Hamilton set two track records during Saturday's qualifying session. He woke up and heard the news that Boseman had died and then headed to the track looking to make a statement. He easily secured the pole position after a "perfect" performance and set the stage for his ultimate victory. Hamilton then stood atop his Mercedes race car and did the Wakanda salute to the camera.

"I want to dedicate this pole to Chadwick. What he accomplished and the legacy he left is so incredible to me. He's inspired a whole generation of young black men and women and provided them with a true superhero to look up to. Rest in power, my friend. [Wakanda Forever] [Black Panther]," Hamilton wrote on Twitter.

Speaking with the BBC after Saturday's qualifying session, Hamilton explained that he couldn't have done any better with his qualifying laps. He said that the team got the car in a really good place and that they just kept getting better and better with each lap. Hamilton said that it was all about building, which led to the record-setting lap times.


"It was a really special one for me. I wanted it to be perfect, to show strength. I wanted to be out front on my own. That's what I chose, to make it significant, to make it important and impactful. Because today's a special day, to be able to dedicate it to Chadwick. I feel very honored to be able to do that," Hamilton said about his performance.