Larry the Cable Guy Sees Bright Future for Las Vegas Raiders (Exclusive)

Larry the Cable Guy is best known for his work as a stand-up comedian or as a voice actor in Cars, but he is also a bigtime football fan. Specifically, he grew up as a fan of the Oakland Raiders but later adopted the Green Bay Packers. Now he roots for both teams but still remains attached to his childhood franchise.

Speaking with Pop Culture in an exclusive interview about his new comedy special, Larry the Cable Guy: Remain Seated, Larry spoke about his fandom of the Silver and Black. He first became a fan of the Raiders while watching them play the Pittsburgh Steelers as a child and has remained so ever since. Watching them leave Oakland for Las Vegas isn't ideal, but the veteran comic still believes that this is a better option than one that was made back in 1982 when the team headed to Southern California.

"Man, I grew up a Raider fan, an Oakland Raider fan, and I was kind of irritated when they went to the L.A., for the L.A. Raiders," Larry said. "I mean it's just that ring 'Oakland Raiders' when you hear John Facenda go 'And then came the Oakland Raiders.' I mean that's flippin' awesome. But I guess a 'Las Vegas Raiders' has a pretty good ring to it. It's better than L.A. Raiders.

"L.A. Raiders. Really? L.A. Raiders. Las Vegas Raiders. That has a pretty good punch to it. So I like it," Larry continued. "I mean I, obviously, to me it will always be Oakland Raiders, but I will not mind the Las Vegas Raiders," Larry continued. "And I think Gruden is going to do a great job. I think he's building a pretty good team so I'm looking forward to it."

With the Raiders leaving for a new city, they will still continue with the rebuild that has been in process since Jon Gruden was hired as head coach for the second time. Since taking over ahead of the 2018 season, the former Raiders coach has parted ways with a multitude of players and coaches before rebuilding the team in his own image. The organization has gone 4-12 and 7-9 since he took over, but Larry believes that brighter days are in the future.

Larry will have plenty of time to watch the Raiders, as well as the Packers, during the 2020 season. He has altered his touring schedule in recent years to provide more time with his family. As he explained, the early years of comedy were filled with a packed schedule of shows, but he has different priorities at the moment. He no longer spends most of the year out on the road.

"I enjoy my other life as well. My life of being just a dad," Larry said. "Before I was married and had kids, you have certain goals, you want to be the best comedian you can be, and you want to make a living at it and then as time goes on and you do certain things and you've had a good career, then your focus needs to be on other things that matter in your life. And so comedy's up there. I love it, man. I love doing stand-up. I love making people laugh, but, my number one priority is my family."


Larry the Cable Guy: Remain Seated is out now on the Comedy Dynamics Network. It is available streaming on iTunes, Amazon, and on VOD through cable providers. The next special coming out on CDN will be Dan Cummins' Get Outta Here; Devil! on April 28th.