Kobe Bryant: Snoop Dogg's Defense for His Gayle King Rant Stirs up Even More Discussion

Rapper Snoop Dogg turned heads when he went after Gayle King for her interview with Lisa Leslie. He didn't appreciate the line of questioning about Kobe Bryant's rape allegations from 2003 and has posted several messages on social media about the interview. Dogg recently doubled down on his statements, which has only sparked arguments among his fans and critics.

"My thing was... that was 2003. Some of his kids wasn't even born," Dogg said during an appearance on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. "So, when you bringing that up you bringing information to them that they don't need to know nothing about, you get what I'm saying? I'm thinking about them."

Several of the users on PopCulture.com's Facebook page saw these comments by Dogg and have since weighed in to express their opinions. Some believe that the rapper had every right to call out King while others were angered by his multiple statements.

"Snoop took a stand to protect his long time brother's family," one person commented on Facebook. "Snoop's love for Koby has been displayed around the world by putting a stop to the egotistical grand standers reporters who want to fill their pockets for the grand story. Shame on Gayle. I've never been a fan of Snoop but I am now. I applaud your stand."

This wasn't a universal opinion, however, as some fans said that Dogg needed to "look at his own past" before making comments about King. They believed that his lyrics about women and various legal issues should be more of a concern than King's interview. The individuals believed that Dogg needed to "worry about cleaning up his own side of the street."

Whether or not the fans and critics agreed with Dogg's comments on social media, there was no shortage of responses on Facebook. These users have seen this "feud" between Dogg and King taking center stage over the past few days, and they want the conversation to stop. In fact, they believed that this back-and-forth about the rape allegations should have happened while Bryant was alive, not after he died.

"Love snoop and absolutely love his responses," one user added to the conversation. "That topic should have been brought up to him over the 17yrs since it happened. If you dont have the b–s to ask him about it directly dont wait until he is gone to bring it up now. Keep that same energy you had when he was alive. No need to try to destroy his legacy now."


Photo Credit: John Parra/Getty Images for Bud Light