Watch King Corbin's Throne Fall Apart During WWE Raw

"The show must go on" is a phrase that has been used throughout the history of live theater, but now it has a place in professional wrestling after King Corbin's prized throne broke during WWE Raw. Amid a season premiere that saw Brock Lesnar attack both Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominick, as well as appearances from Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, the biggest head-turning moment came during a commercial break.

King Corbin got out of his throne, only to have it collapse behind him. This left him to learn the hard way to deal with prop malfunctions, as he was forced to stand for the remainder of the event while Randy Orton was able to sit comfortably in his own chair.

Considering that this is professional wrestling, it could be viewed as a planned event, but Orton's reaction of laughing uncontrollably quickly erased this belief.

Once he stood up, it quickly became apparent that King Corbin was not prepared for his throne collapsing during a commercial break. He moved to the side as he felt something amiss before turning around to figure out what happened. Once he noticed the broken throne, King Corbin could only stop and stare as he realized what had happened.

As the video footage shows, everyone on stage was caught off-guard by the collapsing throne, which left them in a stunned state. However, this only lasted precious few seconds before Orton began laughing so hard that he doubled over. Even Jerry Lawler was shown cackling at the mishap on stage.

Considering that the premiere was supposed to be a very serious affair, it was not a surprise that the cameras did not show the broken throne or the reactions of King Corbin's fellow wrestlers. This would have certainly changed the tone of the episode and made it into more of a comedy than a drama.

Tone-changing moment aside, WWE Raw was also an important event for both King Corbin and Randy Orton due to their match announcement. The pair are set to join Ric Flair's team during the announced Crown Jewel event. They will be facing off with wrestlers from Hulk Hogan's team, two of which will be Seth Rollins and Rusev.