Kevin James Thinks Adam Sandler's 'The Waterboy' Should Get a Spinoff

Could Bobby Boucher be making a comeback? If it were up to Kevin James, the answer would be yes, [...]

Could Bobby Boucher be making a comeback? If it were up to Kevin James, the answer would be yes, as he wants a spinoff of the 1998 football film, The Waterboy, which starred Adam Sandler as Boucher. James recently spoke to CinemaBlend and was asked which character from a Happy Madison production he would love to receive a spinoff.

"Oh, Bobby Boucher," James said. "I think Bobby Boucher would crush it. I'd wanna see more of that. I think he's phenomenal. I would love to see that." Most fans would also love to see Boucher making plays on the football field again as The Waterboy was a huge hit, making $190 million at the box office worldwide. When the film was released, it opened No. 1 at the box office, earning close to $40 million in its opening weekend, a record opening for November at the time. Along with Sandler, The Waterboy starred Kathy Bates, Henry Winkler, Fairuza Balk and Rob Schneider. There were also appearances from Pro Football Hall of Fame coaches Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson and football commentators Dan Fouts, Brent Musburger, Lynn Swann, Chris Fowler and Lee Corso.

Fans saw a semi-reunion with Bates and Sandler when they exchanged tweets earlier this year. Sandler sent a tweet to Bates for being nominated for an Academy Award. "Bad news: Sandman gets no love from the Academy," Sandler wrote. "Good news: Sandman can stop wearing suits. Congrats to all my friends who got nominated, especially Mama." Bates saw the tweet and showed loved to "Bobby Boucher."

"I love you my Bobby Boucher!!!" Bates replied. "You was robbed!! But Mama loves you!!! I learned a new urban slang word for you! You da GOAT!! Not the one we eat at home, Son." If there was going to be a sequel to The Waterboy, Netflix would likely release it, since Sandler has signed a multi-movie deal with the streaming service. Last year, Sandler starred in the Netflix film Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston. On Wednesday, Sandler will star in a new Netflix film - Hubie Halloween that also stars James, Julie Bowen, Maya Rudolph and Ray Liotta. He also produced the Netflix film The Wrong Missy, which stars David Spade, Sarah Chalke and WWE Superstar Roman Reigns.