Kevin Harvick Opens up About Partnership With Mobil 1, Reflects on Favorite NASCAR Memory (Exclusive)

Kevin Harvick is on track to reach the Final Four of the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs. He won the regular-season championship and ranks second in the playoff standings behind Joey Lagano, who has clinched a spot in the championship race. caught up with Harvick, who revealed his team's partnership with Mobil 1 has been big in his career.

"As I look at our relationship with Mobil 1 and being introduced to everything that they do when I arrived at Stewart-Haas Racing, it's pretty incredible," Harvick said. "Mobil 1 is a huge part of what we do on a weekly basis to make sure that our oils look correctly and we're getting the most out of them. It's definitely a little bit of a performance advantage over some of the other teams just because of the in-depth one-on-one coverage that we get from the Mobil team itself from the Stewart-Hass organization."

Mobil 1 is the official motor oil of NASCAR, and because of Harvick and Stewart-Haas Racing's relationship with the company, Harvick is helping fans win a number of some exclusive giveaways. Harvick wants fans to go to to have a chance to "win all kids of cool racing stuff and autograph stuff," he said. "I think the most unique thing is a Zoom call with Tony Stewart. Who knows what that could lead to and where all that goes."

Stewart is one of the owners of Stewart-Haas Racing and is a NASCAR Hall of Famer, winning the Cup Series Championship three-times. Harvick is one his way to the Hall of Fame, winning 58 Cup Series Races, 47 Xfinity Series races and 14 Truck Series races in his career. Harvick is a two-time Busch Series champion (2001, 2006) and won the Sprint Cup Series Championship in 2014. Harvick has accomplished a lot in his career but explained why the Cup Series Championship win in 2014 stands out the most.

"It was such a big risk to switch teams and we built a whole new team at Stewart-Haas Racing, being able to start that year off winning a championship and now we're seven years into that," Harvick stated. "Definitely the marquee moment that is that moment when we were able to take all those chances and put them together from all the people that took a risk coming over and changing from what was probably a great job that they had and putting together a team that went right out and won a championship."