Ryan Garcia Promises KO Victory Over Luke Campbell During Kevin Hart's 'Cold As Balls'

Boxer Ryan Garcia has an upcoming bout against Luke Campbell on Dec. 5. Garcia has confidence in his abilities heading toward the fight, to the point that he made a bold claim while appearing on Kevin Hart's interview show, Cold As Balls. The boxer said that he would defeat Campbell with a third-round KO.

Garcia made the promise when discussing his career with Hart. He hopped into the cold tub and revealed where he draws inspiration. The 22-year-old Garcia explained that he wants to do "Mike Tyson-type stuff" and knock people out. He also confirmed that the interim title bout is the biggest fight of his career despite being undefeated after 20 fights.

"This is going to put me on that level where I get that respect," Garcia said. "I think this fight will solidify me as one of the best in the world right now." The boxer continued and said that he would take care of business against Campbell. "Well I know I’m going to beat Luke Campbell and knock him out within three rounds, and I’m very, very, very sure of that — 100 percent sure."

Given that the interview took place on Cold As Balls, Hart made his own unique entrance before starting the interview. He walked out in a bathrobe with his name on the back and then he punched the mitts to show off his power. Hart even had in a mouthpiece and wore headgear to complete the look.

As a professional fighter, Garcia has to find ways to get himself pumped up and ready to knock out his opponent. One method is listening to music — although the 22-year-old doesn't crank hip hop, country or rock. He opts to listen to worship music.


In addition to talking about his career, Garcia spoke about dealing with anxiety. He explained that he previously felt that he couldn't discuss the issue at first due to the feeling that he might face judgment from outsiders. However, Garcia changed his opinion after he started talking about anxiety. "I felt way better, and then I just felt myself becoming a stronger person," the boxer explained.

New Cold As Balls episodes will air every Wednesday on the Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel, Laugh Out Loud’s IGTV and Hart's Facebook page. The upcoming guests include Lindsey Vonn, DeMarcus Cousins, Jemele Hill, Chris Bosh, and Ric Flair. Previous episodes in Season 4 featured Tony Hawk and Reggie Bush.