Kevin Durant Makes Major Decision With Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant has made a big decision. According to Durant's business manager Rich Kleiman, the two-time NBA Champion has requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. Durant and Kleiman are working with Nets general manager Sean Marks on finding a trade, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. It's also been reported by Wojnarowski that the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat are among two of the teams that Durant wants to play for. He currently has four years remaining on his contract. 

This news comes shortly after Nets star Kyrie Irving decided to opt in the 2022-23 season with the Nets. Wojnarowski said that Durant and Irving had no contact with the franchise after Irving opted into his contract. Before the start of the season, the Nets had Durant, Irving and James Harden on the roster and were expected to compete for NBA titles. But Harden is now with the Philadelphia 76ers, and with Durant on his way out, Irving will be the face of the Nets next year. 

In an interview with ESPN last year, Durant revealed what fueled him when it comes to his career. "I wasn't expecting to be a happy human being from a title," Durant told ESPN's Rachel Nichols in the interview. "I was just expecting like, you know, the ending of a movie — once you worked so hard and everybody tells you like, 'Yo, this is what you need to be working for, is this gold ball and these rings.' And I'm just like, 'All right, cool, let me lock in on that.' And I locked in on wanting to achieve that, but I also realized it's a lot of stuff that factors in it that's out of my control."

Durant, 33, was selected by the Seattle Supersonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder) at No. 2 overall in the 2007 NBA Draft. He was with the team until 2016 before joining the Golden State Warriors where he won two NBA titles. Durant joined the Nets and 2019. In his career, Durant has won two NBA Finals MVP awards, one MVP award in 2014, has been to the All-Star game 12 times, has been named All-Star MVP twice and selected to the All-NBA team 10 times.