Kevin Costner Sends Message to 'For Love of the Game' Fans

Kevin Costner has enjoyed a long and successful career in Hollywood, filming some massive hits. He portrayed a cowboy, a post-apocalyptic nomad and a baseball star — although his time on the baseball diamond drew some of the most attention. Now Costner has sent a message to fans of For Love of the Game.

The longtime actor posted a photo on Instagram that showed him dressed as a member of the Detroit Tigers. He then revealed that many fans had listed For Love of the Game as their favorite film from his career. These fans said that the baseball film topped Silverado, Waterworld and 3000 Miles to Graceland. Costner saw these messages and said that he "can't blame" the fans for their decision.

"Have loved getting your messages. For Love of the Game seems to be a big favorite for a lot of you! I can’t blame you—it’s one of my favorites too. [Throwback Thursday]" Costner wrote in the caption of his photo. He asked for further feedback about movies and shows through text messages.

Originally released in 1999, For Love of the Game follows a 40-year-old pitcher Billy Chapel (Costner) nearing a long baseball career. As he stands on the mound pitching a perfect game, he reflects on his tumultuous relationship with Jane Aubrey (Kelly Preston). The film then reveals that Audrey has remained by his side during the good and bad times but is contemplating leaving him for a job in London.

The fan adoration has been evident since For Love of the Game's release. Roger Ebert gave the film 1.5 stars and called it a "step backward" for director Sam Raimi while other critical reviews have resulted in a 46% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the fan rating on Rotten Tomatoes sits at 75% due to the sheer number of viewers continuing to explain that they love the baseball film.


While For Love of the Game is a fan-favorite film, it is not readily available for free streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu. Although it is available on HBO Max, the new streaming service filled with Friends, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion special and Ford v Ferrari. HBO Max is $14.99 per month.

Those not wanting another streaming subscription can watch For Love of the Game after purchasing or renting the film. YouTube has a $3.99 rental option, but purchasing the film costs $14.99. Renting For Love of the Game on Amazon also costs $3.99, but the online retailer has an HD purchase available for only $6.99. Other rental and purchase options also exist on the Google Play Store, Vudu and the iTunes store, starting at $3.99.