Kate Hudson Praises Kobe Bryant as 'Modern Day Superhero': Fatherhood 'Was Everything to Him'

Kate Hudson recently praised Kobe Bryant as a "modern day superhero," adding that fatherhood "was everything to him." Hudson opened up about her interactions with Bryant on Sibling Revelry, her podcast with older brother Oliver Hudson, saying, "We both had kids at 24, we were both young parents. And so every time we would meet or see each other or talk, it was always about the fact that we had kids. And so when we were younger, it was like all our friends, you know, didn't have kids and we had kids."

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She went on to share that all of their conversations revolved around parenthood, saying, "I mean, it was everything to him," with their final chat being "about having teenagers."

Hudson continued: "What he did say about Gianna — which to me was just so beautiful — was he talked about her, how fierce she was and her tenacity and her drive and how proud he was. … And I just thought, you know, it's important that not only that we talk about these things, but that the girls know how much he loved them … [fatherhood] was everything to him."

"Kobe was a true icon in every sense of the word," she later said, commenting on the impact that Bryant had on the city of Los Angeles, and adding that she was always grateful for their "meaningful conversations."

"When that man walked into a room, you felt every bit of his iconic presence," Hudson continued. "You could feel his dedication, you could feel his intelligence, you could feel his talent, you could see it, you could feel his God-given light."

She added: "And I know I think a lot of people have said this, and I just concur … that he had that thing … but it's hard to put into words. He carried a presence that was deeply and profoundly powerful."

Oliver also spoke about Bryant, focusing more on how devastated he was at the news that the former L.A. Lakers star had perished in a helicopter accident, along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and seven other people.

"I don't feel worthy even talking about it. Because … who am I to talk about the tragedy of Kobe's passing?" he said, adding, "I still can't wrap my head around it. I don't get it. It doesn't make sense to me."


Oliver also revealed that the sitution has caused him to poner a lot about faith, saying, "And it makes me question God. I don't get it. Why? What does this do? Why did this happen? It doesn't make sense."

Bryant was 41 years old at the time of his death. The crash is still under investigation.