Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola Skateboard Through Mexico City

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is known primarily for catching passes from Tom Brady and winning Super Bowls, but he has many diverse interests. One of these was put on display Wednesday when Edelman released a video of him and his former teammate, Danny Amendola, skateboarding through Mexico City.

In the nearly three-minute clip, Edelman and Amendola showed off their balance while riding around Mexico City on Sector 9 skateboards. The pair also took time to toss the football around and have some fun with the local citizens. They visited the local markets, took in some street basketball games, and in Amendola's case, fell off the skateboard while the cameraman was filming.

To truly cap off the video, Edelman channeled his inner Marty McFly. The local police shut down a stretch of road so the two receivers could skateboard in the middle of the night, which Edelman used as an opportunity to hang on the tail of a police motorcycle like he was filming a modern-era Back to the Future.

This episode, which was called "Carve," is only the latest in a long line of videos produced for Edelman's YouTube channel. His Untitled Web Series has been known for a wide variety of short clips, including movie reviews.

Edelman even created a fake cop show with Amendola in which they were subpar members of law enforcement. During this clip, the pair played shirtless ping pong, stole a shopping cart, participated in an illegal dice match, and threw a pool party.

Interestingly enough, this portion of Edelman's life is a far more lighthearted version than the one shown in the Showtime Documentary, 100%: Julian Edelman. This story, which was released over the summer, showed Edelman's battle with an ACL tear in 2017, a four-game suspension in 2018 for violating the performance-enhancing substance policy, and his relationship with his father.

There were certain moments that showed the goofier side of Edelman that is prominently featured on YouTube, but the documentary was a very serious look at his upbringing and transformation into a Super Bowl MVP.


"This story, it kind of is a microcosm of my life," Edelman told WFAN's "Boomer and Gio" in June, via WFAN.com. "Always having to battle, never being the No. 1 guy, never being the No. 1 draft pick, the guy that everyone's looking at, this, that, having to go the long road, dealing with some adversity and kind of just battling yourself mentally because that's some of the hardest stuff when you're hurt as an athlete."

While the documentary showed a far more serious side of Edelman, the YouTube series and this latest video, in particular, are focused on his fun-loving personality.