Jude Moore Dead at 19: Champion Boxer's Death Shocks His Community

Jude Moore, a two-time national boxing champion from England, died last Friday, his family said. He was 19 years old. The cause of death was not announced, but Moore was scheduled to fight in Milan this week. Moore represented England in 2017 at the EUBC Junior European Championships in Romania. He won his first senior fight against the Polish national champion before his death. 

"There's nothing that any of us really did to develop that talent. It was just his flair, his uniqueness, his personality," Moore's trainer Craig Turner told the BBC. "There was only one, there could only ever be one and it's just a shame that we will never see him fulfill his potential." Turner went on to say that "Everybody looked up to him. He could just effortlessly mix amongst all cultures all classes. He just loved to talk. You just couldn't stop him. He was an entertainer and boxing is an entertainment business. That's why I am sure he would have gone on and won a world title."

A GoFundMe page has been created by Turner to support the family. "Jude was a highly talented, supremely fit 19-year-old boxer who was tragically taken from us on 17 March 2023," Turner wrote. "His parents, Mark and Carla, and brothers, Ethan and Beau, currently have no answers as to what happened to this larger-than-life character. Whilst nothing anyone can say or do can lessen the sense of loss they and everyone who knew Jude feels, we can show them our love and support with a donation towards the cost of the funeral that should never have to be. RIP Jude Moore – once met, never forgotten. Your donations will be forwarded to the Downend Boxing Club account then onto Jude's parents. We are raising funds as Jude's coaches, friends and people who love him."

On Twitter, former British boxer Nick Blackwell wrote: "So sad for Boxing this young talent has passed away... Jude Moore just 19 years old... devastating for his family, sudden death, no warning, fit athlete. RIP Jude."

England boxing released a statement that said: England Boxing is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of talented teenage West Country boxer Jude Moore, who represented Downend and Hoddesdon with pride. May you rest in peace, Jude.