Johnny Manziel Claps Back at Darren Rovell for Calling Him Irrelevant

Former first-round pick Johnny Manziel did not find success in the NFL for a variety of reasons, including injuries and legal issues. He does not have a job playing football, but he does not take kindly to reporters calling him "irrelevant." Action Network's Darren Rovell did just that recently, prompting a response from the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Rovell posted two photos on Twitter that showed Sports Illustrated covers from seven years ago. One revolved around former baseball player Alex Rodriguez at the end of his career and the steroid scandal. The other showed Manziel during his days at Texas A&M when he was the most popular player in college football. Rovell captioned the photos by saying that Rodriguez is "relevant as ever" while Manziel achieves "a flash of relevance" by flipping off a building and landing in a pool.

Rovell's comment referenced a viral video in which the former NFL quarterback flipped off the roof of a house and landed in the pool. Manziel saw the tweet and did not appreciate Rovell's comment. He responded by tweeting "Seven years later and you're still as big of a b— as ever."

According to TMZ, this is not the first incident involving the two men. Back in 2013, Rovell investigated whether or not Manziel was taking money for signing autographs at Texas A&M, an illegal act according to NCAA rules. The governing body later suspended him for one-half of a football game after finding "no evidence" that he accepted payment for his autographs.

"If additional information comes to light, the NCAA will review and consider if further action is appropriate," the NCAA said in a statement in 2013. "NCAA rules are clear that student-athletes may not accept money for items they sign, and based on information provided by Manziel, that did not happen in this case."


Nearly a decade later, Rovell and Manziel have not become fast friends. The latest interaction on Twitter was only further evidence. Although the argument did appear to end after the brief back-and-forth. TMZ reached out to Rovell after Manziel took aim on Twitter, and the longtime sports media member said that he had "no comment."