John Cena Tries to Dispel Viral COVID-19 Conspiracies on 'Last Week Tonight'

John Cena has a message for those who are not sure what's true or false when it comes to the many news stories about the COVID-19 pandemic. The former WWE Champion was seen on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to talk about the coronavirus conspiracy theories. As Cena was talking to the viewers, he began to take off his shirt.

"There's a lot of official-looking stuff on the internet, not all of it's true," Cena said on the show. "And there's some stuff that seems false but isn't, like this one: John Oliver and I are the exact same age. Yep, born on the same year and on the exact same day. That seems impossible that two human bodies can age so differently, but it's true. I checked, and it's important to do that. So before you go believing a theory about the pandemic or share any information about the pandemic, it's good to know where that information is coming from." Other stars to support Oliver were Alex Trebek, Paul Rudd, Catherine O'Hara and Billy Porter.

Cena has been making moves in Hollywood for the last few years. Earlier this year, Cena starred along with Robert Downey Jr. and Selena Gomez in Dolittle. He starred along with Keegan Michael Key in the 2018 film Playing with Fire along with Blockers and Bumblee in 2017. He has also had supporting roles in Sisters, Daddy's Home 2, and Trainwreck. Cena's upcoming films are Project X-Traction, F9 and The Suicide Squad.

As for Cena's WWE career, the last time he competed was back in April when to took on Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36. There was an apparent report by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer that Cena's contract with WWE has expired, meaning he can work for another company such as AEW or New Japan Pro Wrestling. However, the report turned out to be false, but it's unclear when Cena will wrestle a full match again since he's doing a lot of work in TV and movies.


"I will never walk away from WWE," Cena said last year. "That's the great thing about WWE, you can perform in any capacity, and, as long as I've made a promise in the in-ring aspect of things, as long as I can keep up with the current product, I can perform."