Joe Montana Reveals How Tom Brady Can Play Until He's 50 (Exclusive)

Joe Montana and Tom Brady have been compared to each other as they are considered the greatest of all time. But with Brady winning seven Super Bowls in his career, it's safe to say he has surpassed Montana as the GOAT. The real question is: Can Brady play until he's 50 years old? In an exclusive interview with, Montana explained how Brady can play another six seasons at a high level. 

"As long as you stay healthy, I think those are the biggest keys to it," Montana said to PopCulture. "It'll wear on you after a while, and you see Drew [Brees] retiring. He was around for a long time, and part of that, still, when you were getting beat up a lot. Now, you don't get those big hits where they compress you into the ground. As long as he stays healthy and keeps his arm strength, those are the biggest keys. That's the last thing that leaves you in most cases, because mentally you're ready to play, and you can do it. It's just physically as long as he stays healthy, he knows he's going to try for sure."

Brady, 44, thinks he can play until he's 50, but does he want to play that long? He obviously has nothing to prove as he has accomplished more than any other player in NFL history. If Brady wants to play another six years in the NFL, it will be because he loves the game a lot.

Based on the way Brady is playing this season, he will likely win his eighth Super Bowl, which would be unreal. But Montana believes that there are a few teams that could compete for the Super Bowl title that are not getting a lot of attention as of now.


"I was a little shocked to see Chargers losing the way they did," Montana said talking about the Chargers' Week 2 loss. "I think they've got a team that can do it. I think Buffalo is another team to watch out for, and they didn't get off to a great start. But those teams to me have an opportunity. Of course, they're going to come up against the Chiefs and the Ravens. And so, they're going to have to be able to beat two pretty good football teams to get past them, and they're pretty young. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw one of those two teams up there also."