'Jeopardy!' GOAT Tournament Getting Higher Ratings Than NBA Finals, World Series

Jeopardy: Greatest of All Time was expected to be a popular part of the long-running quiz show, but the end result has been something that has dwarfed the competition. According to the average ratings, the first three episodes that have aired on ABC have drawn more viewers than some important sports events. Jeopardy is now more popular than the World Series.

Over the first three episodes, this all-star event has averaged 15 million viewers. The 2019 NBA Finals averaged 13.54 million while the first five games of the 2019 World Series averaged 11.59 million. ESPN's Monday Night Football finished the regular season with 12.569 million.

Three of the most popular sports in the country have not been able to compare with the competition taking place on ABC. Fans have truly enjoyed watching Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, and Brad Rutter go against each other in a battle of figures that have won the most money in Jeopardy history.

Adding to the dominance of this Jeopardy tournament is the single-night numbers. The first match between the three champions drew in 16.1 million viewers, which made it the second-ranked non-sports telecast of the year. Only the Golden Globes drew more viewers.

After three episodes, Jennings is the leader with two wins to his name. Holzhauer has a win of his own, but Rutter has not gotten on the board. This has led to some teasing between the various contestants as they strive to earn the title of the Greatest of All-Time, as well as a $1 million prize. The two runner-ups will each get $250,000.

The competition will make a return to televisions on Tuesday after a four-day hiatus. This could be the final episode of the tournament, depending on the champion. The first person to notch three victories will earn the prestigious title and award money, and Jennings could achieve that feat.

There is no rush to finish the competition, however, as ABC has already made it known that it is willing to host the program until Jan. 17 if needed. This could provide Rutter or Holzhauer with ample time to make a comeback.


If the Jeopardy tournament does continue, it will have an opportunity to earn more viewers than some of the other top events. Will the quiz show have more viewers than the College Football Playoffs National Championship? Only time will tell, but the championship trio will have an opportunity to boost the ratings on Tuesday, Jan. 14.

(Photo Credit: Stewart Cook/ABC via Getty Images)