Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Blasted by Parents Who Thought Super Bowl Halftime Show Was Inappropriate

The majority of viewers seemed to be in favor of the Super Bowl LIV halftime performance put on by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. The two put on quite the performance in what ended up being one big show featuring all of their hits, from Lopez' "Jenny on the Block" to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie." The two also displayed their high-energy dancing skills and choreography. There were detractors, however, as parents of young children voiced their concerns on social media about the "risque" dancing that was on-stage at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

One disgruntled viewer ripped the "offensive performance."

"An offensive and politically charged Super Bowl halftime porn show to families watching with children," the user began. "Good looking for sure but an offensive performance in America's biggest sports event. Pathetic."

Another viewer took the same stance, calling it a "trashy halftime show."

"That was one inappropriate, trashy halftime show considering its being watched by families and children," the tweet stated. "I could do without the stripper poles, humping, legs spread, tongue flicking, etc. when kids are watching."

Among those who shared their displeasure with the performance, others stepped in to defend the performers and their routine.

"Why is it hard to just educate your kids IF they have questions or showed discomfort watching the halftime show vs. crying about it," one tweet in defense wrote. "Children are exposed to a TON of things now a days, Super Bowl was just an excuse to attack. Stop it."

One notable defender of the two singers' show was Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese. On her Instagram, she shared a message calling out the parents who were offended by their actions.

"I read somewhere that this year's Super Bowl halftime show wasn't appropriate for children. Well ma'am, I saw Janet Jackson's entire boob as a child and I turned out just fine," the post read.

In the caption, she also added, "I'm sorry but Shakira and JLO killed it! Those moms did their thing at 43 and 50!"


Shortly afterwards, Shakira went on to announce an upcoming world tour she is set to embark on.