Idris Elba Suffers Concussion During 'Elba vs. Block' Episode

Idris Elba and Ken Block are putting their driving skills to the test on Elba Vs. Block. This series for the phone-exclusive streaming platform of Quibi pits the longtime actor against the rally driver in a series of automotive challenges. There is some inherent danger in the various events, which was proven true when Elba suffered a concussion.

The incident took place during the third episode of the series. The two drivers were attempting to pull off the classic stunt trick of driving on two wheels. This is a maneuver made famous by the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever, The Dukes of Hazzard and many other releases. However, Elba quickly learned of the danger while learning how to drive on two wheels. His BMW sedan came down on the ground very rough and resulted in the actor and his instructor hitting their heads on the roof of the vehicle, resulting in a stop to the lesson.

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"I'm feeling a bit lightheaded, I reckon. Going to get some fresh air," Elba said to his instructor as crew members headed to the car. "It's just a proper head bump. Both of us." He was ultimately tested by medical personnel, who revealed that they believed he had suffered a concussion.

Block, who opted for a massive transit van, found considerable success during his first attempt. He traveled 64.72 meters (212.34 feet) before ultimately crashing on his side. As he explained after the run, he got a "little too cocky" and could have put the van down much earlier.


Five episodes of Elba Vs. Block have been released on Quibi. Three more are set to follow leading up to Monday. During the first portion of the series, the two competitors have gone against each other on an obstacle course, attempted massive jumps, driven on two wheels and crushed cars with monster trucks. Block may be the precision driver, but he and Elba have been fairly evenly matched. Although the actor did use some "questionable" tactics during the obstacle course.

Quibi is free for the first 90 days, and it costs $4.99 a month after the free trial. The platform is built exclusively for phones and relies on short clips that can be watched on the go or in situations where TVs are not present. Each episode of the various shows is roughly 10 minutes in length. Elba Vs. Block is one of the shows that focuses more on sports, joining Cam Newton's Iron Sharpens Iron and Travis Pastrana's Life-Size Toys.