Watch: Here's How Drew Brees Reacted After Setting the All-Time Passing Record

Drew Brees set a historic NFL mark on Monday night as he threw his 540th career touchdown and he's now the league's all-time leader in touchdown passes. And once the New Orleans Saints quarterback threw the TD pass in the third quarter, he had a strong reaction to the moment. The former Super Bowl MVP was seen running down the field and pointing to all the fans. He also blew kisses to his family who was in attendance and he gave a hug to head coach Sean Payton.

"He's someone that is a tireless worker and the attention to detail and the little things all are," Payton said after the game when talking about Brees, "I mean every, everything, you know, the night before the game, when we go through every play in the plan and we talk about where it sits in the call sheet, when we want to call it. He gets out of whack when the routine's off a little bit. It's credit to how he trains, not just in season but in the offseason. There are a lot of sacrifices that go into the preparation to play this level the way he is at his age."

After the game, Brees talked about the anticipation of breaking the record and the game being stopped because of it.

"There's still a lot of football left to be played throughout the course of the game," he said. "It's so unpredictable. You hope that it is going to happen. You always need to prepare if it does, because, I think, part of that is that I want to make sure everyone around me knows just how thankful I am for them and how grateful I am for my team, to everyone in the stadium, to our entire fan base, and our family and friends, and everyone that was here, all of those who have been such an integral part of this.

"You want to give that value. You want to be able to do that; and, yet it's in the framework of a game."


Brees will go down as the most prolific passer in NFL history. Along with setting the career touchdown record, Brees is the league's all-time leader in passing yards with 76,884. He also led the Saints to a Super Bowl win in 2009 and he's been named to the Pro Bowl 12 times.