Heat Reveal ‘80s-Inspired Alternate ViceWave Uniforms

Sitting at 11-4 on the season, the Miami Heat are third in the Eastern Conference and are enjoying an early streak of success to start the year. However, they have a difficult opponent on the schedule in the Golden State Warriors, and the Heat are throwing it back to the 1980s with some special alternate uniforms. As the team revealed on Monday, they will be donning special Miami Vice-inspired uniforms for the Nov. 29 game.

Initially shown with an '80s-themed introduction video, the newest additions to the ViceWave line of uniforms will be defined by bold colors. The jerseys and shorts will be a shade of blue known as "Blue Gale" and will feature pink and white accents.

This color scheme will partner with the special font to show the inspiration of the crime drama starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, as well as the neon-soaked vibe of 1980s Miami. Although the players will be wearing socks unlike James Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs.

“ViceWave is the continuing evolution of the enormously successful Vice campaign,” the Heat said in a press release. “ViceWave shifts the action from Miami at night neons to the sun-soaked brightness of South Beach afternoon, with the color ‘Blue Gale’ taking center stage.”

Along with the reveal of the new ViceWave jerseys, the Heat also provided a schedule of when these alternates will be featured. The team will wear the new ViceWave jerseys 22 times throughout the season.

This is the fourth look created as part of the Vice campaign. The Heat originally turned heads two seasons ago when they unveiled the very first ViceWave outfit. This white jersey featured the stylized Miami Arena script and Blue Gale numbers.

Not quite finished, the Heat added two other looks to this collection. A black "Vice Nights" jersey was unveiled, and it was followed shortly thereafter by a fuschia outfit that was dubbed "Sunset Vice."

The Heat is not the only team to be drawing inspiration from history with their alternate uniforms. The Memphis Grizzlies also released a throwback look this season in time for a battle with the Los Angeles Lakers on Nov. 23. This turquoise look featured bronze, red, and black accents, as well as text that read "Vancouver Grizzlies" to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary.


However, this is not the only look that will be worn by the Grizzlies over the next two seasons. 2020-2021 will serve as the 20th season in Memphis for the team, and they will be celebrating this fact with a return of the "black-based Memphis Classic Edition uniforms," which were originally created as an alternate during the Vancouver days.

(Photo Credit: David Dow/NBAE/Getty)