Gisele Bundchen Shares the Sweetest Easter Photo With Tom Brady and Their Kids

Millions of people celebrated Easter on Sunday in a variety of ways. Some people went to church while others completed Easter egg hunts, but Gisele Bündchen sent love to people around the world. She showed her happy family sharing a tender moment in front of a picturesque landscape.

Bündchen posted a photo of herself, Brady, Benjamin, and Vivian to celebrate the holiday. They embraced at sunset while the water and a city skyline served as the backdrop. Brady, Bündchen, and their children all had very happy expressions on their faces. "Happy Easter! Sending so much love to you and your families. May the spirit of renewal and rebirth fill all our hearts with hope and gratitude," Büdchen wrote in the caption of her post.

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"Happy Easter! Happy Ostara day! Happy spring! May there be plenty to keep sharing with the world!" one Instagram user commented after seeing the happy family photo. Brady also weighed in alongside many other people on social media and wished his wife a happy Easter.

The celebratory post follows a date night in which the family enjoyed a special cake. The baked good featured a football field design, complete with mini footballs and white icing for the yard lines. The center of the cake had a photo of Brady and his family as they celebrated the Super Bowl LV victory.

This message of love is not the first that Bündchen has sent in recent months. She has previously posted several messages on social media, expressing hope about the future or celebrating life. She also used one Instagram post to try to bring people together and achieve an important goal.


"In these difficult times, let’s all unite in a chain of prayer. It doesn’t matter what your belief or religion is. What matters most is your intention," Bündchen wrote. "Let us pray for everyone who is facing health challenges. For all those families that have lost loved ones. For all doctors, nurses, technicians, hospital staffers, cleaning teams, and other first responders on the front lines battling this pandemic.

"Let us pray for those who risk their health daily in support of their families, for their colleagues and employers…and for anyone in need of support at this time," Bündchen continued. "I pray that we can all connect more with our faith, our courage, and our empathy for others. May we all radiate more love and light, and emanate these energies to everyone around us."