FS1 Analyst Calls for Cowboys to 'Fire Jason Garrett' Now

Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys had an opportunity to make a statement by defeating the New [...]

Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys had an opportunity to make a statement by defeating the New England Patriots in less-than-ideal conditions. This did not pan out as Jason Garrett settled for a late field goal instead of going for the win. Based on this performance, First Things First analyst Nick Wright is calling for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to stop delaying the inevitable and fire Garrett immediately.

Monday morning, the longtime FS1 commentator said that Jones has already made his decision about Garrett's future and plans on parting ways with him at the end of the season. Wright believes that there is no question after another loss to a team with a winning record. The calls for Garrett to be fired increased after a loss to the New York Jets earlier in the season, and they have remained ever since.

"The more I think about it, I don't think they should wait until this offseason," Wright said on Monday. "Now, I don't think they are going to do it [fire Garrett], but I see no reason not to just fire him now."

The reason, as Wright explained, is that he believes this team has the talent to go at least a round further in the postseason than they did in 2018. Last season, this team reached the Divisional Round but lost to the Los Angeles Rams. The expectation entering 2019 was that the Cowboys should at least reach the NFC Championship simply based on the players at each position.

However, there are currently questions about Dallas even making the playoffs after losing to the New England Patriots. At 6-5, the Cowboys are only one game ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East and have to face off with the Bills, Bears, and Rams. These three teams have solid defenses and could make life difficult for Dak Prescott and his playmakers.

The Eagles, on the other hand, face the Dolphins, Giants (twice), and Redskins, as well as the Cowboys one more time. All three of those teams have losing records and are considered among the worst in the league. Philadelphia has struggled on offense but could find success in these battles, paving the way for a division-deciding game against the Cowboys.

With this uncertain outlook in the division in mind, Wright believes that the best move for the Cowboys will be to fire Garrett in the middle of the season, ending the discussion once and for all. In his place, the FS1 analyst would like to see defensive coach Kris Richard take over and lead this team into the future. There is a belief that Richard will be a coach one day, and Wright just wants to see that transition take place earlier rather than later.

(Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty)