Fox News' Will Cain Botches On-Air Football Catch Ahead of Super Bowl

Fox News sent Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Will Cain down to Tampa, Florida, to cover Super Bowl LV, which is free to watch online this year. Cain took some time on Friday morning to interview patrons at a diner — although he sparked comments for a slight mistake. The former ESPN employee dropped a football on live television.

The moment occurred when Cain was talking to one of the diners about living in Florida and how thousands are heading to the southeastern state. He and the interview subject talked about how new residents need to "leave their politics up north" and how Florida is open amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Cain then introduced a new United States citizen before asking for the football. He could not corral the ball and had to chase it down.

There were several comments on social media about Florida residents and the lack of masks in the video. Others, however, had some comments about Cain's football ability, his dropped pass, and the fact that he didn't dive to recover the fumble. Cam Newton received similar flak after he avoided diving for a loose football during the Super Bowl 50 loss to the Denver Broncos. The gathered crowd at the restaurant simply chuckled after seeing the pigskin hit the ground.

A former political pundit for CNN, The Blaze and Fox News, Cain joined ESPN in 2015. He became a talk show host and commentator, often engaging in fiery discussions with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman. However, Cain ultimately left the sports giant in 2020 to take on his new gig at Fox & Friends Weekend.

"I was happy to be in sports over the last five years. I loved my time at ESPN and deeply appreciated everybody who listened to the "Will Cain Show" every day," Cain told during an August interview. "But over the past six months as I got to know the people at Fox News and, at the same time, the world started spinning off in these really odd directions, it increasingly became very important to who I am and my view of the United States of America to return to talking more openly about news and politics."


Cain explained during the interview that he was not closing the door on a return to sports in the future. He said that this move to Fox & Friends Weekend opened up a larger audience for him and provided him the opportunity to talk about issues that he feels are important.