Floyd Mayweather Poses With $2 Million in New Photo and Video, and His Comments Section Is on Fire

Floyd "Money" Mayweather is flaunting his pocket change on Instagram for all his haters to see and he has a few words for them as well.

In a recent post, the legendary boxer posted a video of not only him showing off $1.8 million in cash, but an extra diamond chain and diamond-encrusted Audemars Piguet Arnold Schwarzenegger limited-edition watch — which the non-diamond covered version usually retails for around $35,000 dollars.

He then mentioned the "Andrew Jackson section" which consisted of $200,000 dollars in 20's — hence the name of the section since the seventh American president's face is on those bills. That section is nothing but pocket change for him, calling it "wallpaper."

Mayweather also flaunted another fancy trinket: the largest Chanel bag in the world made by the late Karl Lagerfeld.

Mayweather made it clear to fans that he's "happy to flaunt" his legal wealth and bragging "about being a black man that came from poverty."

Since Mayweather became a household name, he's refrained from holding his earnings back from public knowledge.

In another post, he posed at his dining room table with the $1.8 million — all in one hundred dollar bills. His post acknowledged the public's view on him but then stated with a nonchalant attitude that he just doesn't care.


This comes as no surprise to fans because the boxer has always been one to flaunt his custom accessories, flashy cars, expensive shades and much more.

Mayweather was a multi-weight champion at the height of his career who now says he is "retired" with a perfect record of 50-0. His last fight was a New Year's exhibition in Tokyo, Japan against Tenshin Nasukawa.