Falcons to Use High-Tech Drones to Clean Stadium After Games

The Atlanta Falcons are looking to do things a new way when it comes to cleaning their home stadium. According to ESPN, the team will use high-tech drones to clean Mercedes-Benz Stadium when fans return on Oct. 11. It will be the first time the Falcons will have fans at games this year despite the team hosting 500 family members, friends and associates for a test run this past Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

Charlotte-based Lucid drone Technologies is partnering with Mercedes-Benz Stadium for disinfecting drones to clean areas in the building. The drones will have electrostatic spraying goggles and will distribute medical-grade disinfecting chemicals which will "include an inhibitor that prevents bacteria and virus from adhering to surfaces without leaving a residue." Two drones will be used to clean the stadium, and there will be a third for an emergency.

"This stadium is incredibly large, and as we begin to slowly welcome fans back, these drones allow us to maximize the time between games and private events to thoroughly sanitize," said Jackie Poulakos, manager of building operations. "We are always challenged by leadership to continually innovate and this new technology is the ideal solution to effectively disinfect and sanitize our stadium in an efficient manner." The drones will be used after games and will disinfect the stadium's seating bowl handrails and glass partitions. ESPN also mentioned the Falcons are believed to be the first pro sports team to use this drone technology.

When the Falcons take the field on Oct. 11, they are hoping to have a win under their belt. It's not going to be easy as they face the undefeated Green Bay Packers on Monday night. Some would argue the Falcons should be 2-1 or even 3-0 at this point of the season. However, the team has given up two-touchdown leads in the fourth quarter of the last two games, which has led to fans demanding Falcons head coach Dan Quinn be fired.

“Certainly, the last two weeks have been no doubt tough and as challenging as it can get, certainly during the regular season," Quinn said to reporters earlier this week. "But, I would also say that a coach knows his locker room and certainly know ours. This has been the strength of this group is ready to fight and keep battling through. We have a tough team and we’re ready to fight through what we need to fight through to play like we can play. We’re certainly looking forward to doing that.”