Erin Andrews Shares Photo With Patrick Mahomes Ahead of Super Bowl

Erin Andrews got to spend some time with star quarterback Patrick Mahomes before he led the Kansas City Chiefs to their second Super Bowl win in four years. The 44-year-old broadcaster went to Instagram earlier this week to post of photo of her with Mahomes after doing an interview with him. The interview aired on Fox during the Super Bowl pregame coverage on Sunday. 

This year's Super Bowl was a special one for Andrews as she got to work with her friend and Calm Down podcast co-host Charissa Tompson. The two work for Fox Sports but have different roles, which leads to them not seeing each other during game days. But the two continue to support each other as they make names for themselves in the industry. 

"Mine's when she's manning her desk and the big responsibility she took this year for Thursday Night [Football]," Andrews said of Thompson in an interview with PEOPLE. "That was a big one for me. Even on planes I had to be watching. The game was fine, but to just watch because I knew what a big moment it was for her and what a big challenge. It's a new endeavor for her. I was so excited."  

Andrews loves covering the Super Bowl because of everything that comes with it, including interviewing players like Mahomes. spoke to Andrews last year, and she said Fox should always broadcast the championship game. "It's very different when you're not covering the game because we're so used to, hey, our pickup's at this time, we'll be down on the field at this time, we'll be down ready for warmups at this time," she said. "It's really, really hard when you're not involved like that. That's why I wish we could have the Super Bowl always because it's hard to watch somebody else do it."

Mahomes and the Chiefs took down the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in the Super Bowl after being down 24-14 at the half. Once the game was over, Mahomes was named Super Bowl MVP after completing 21 of his 27 passes for 182 yards and three touchdowns with a 131.8 rating.