Erin Andrews Explains Why She Wants Fox to Always Broadcast the Super Bowl (Exclusive)

Super Bowl LVI will air on NBC, which means Erin Andrews won't be working the sidelines of the big game. With Andrews being the top sideline reporter for Fox, she has worked her share of Super Bowls. But for the game on Sunday, Andrews will likely be attending as a fan. recently caught up with Andrews who explained why she wishes the NFL's championship game could always be on Fox. 

"We may go to the pregame festivities, there's a lot of talk to want to be with our friends from Fox and do something with all of them," Andrews told PopCulture about attending Super Bowl. "Like I said, it's very different when you're not covering the game because we're so used to, hey, our pickup's at this time, we'll be down on the field at this time, we'll be down ready for warmups at this time. It's really, really hard when you're not involved like that. That's why I wish we could have the Super Bowl always because it's hard to watch somebody else do it."

Andrews does have tickets to the game but isn't sure she will go since it's easier to watch the game at home. "When you think about your job being these football games and you don't have to worry about waiting in line and all that, you have the best seat in the house, it's kind of different when you do have to sit the stadium," Andrews said. "And I'm not really good at that. If I'm not going to cover a football game, I like to be at my house, have my own bathroom, have my DoorDash ready for me, anything that could come and give me food."

This year's Super Bowl features the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals. And despite the Rams being favored to win the game, Andrews believes it will be a competitive contest. "I think you can make a case for both sides," she said. "The one thing about Cincinnati is the stage is never too big for them. I think that's really exciting. Their offense is super talented and really, really fun to watch. It's almost like a video game."

Andrews continued: "On the other side of things, you have the Hollywood story with Matthew Stafford coming here and playing for arguably one of the worst teams in the NFL for the last 12 years. And now, the stage is his. Aaron Donald, who says he needs a ring to kind of complete his resume. The Rams going all-in on a lot of these guys: Von Miller, Jalen Ramsey, Odell Beckham, Matthew Stafford. We're definitely not short of storylines in this one."