Newly-Retired Eli Manning Joins Twitter, Tom Brady Fires Back With '4th Quarter' Joke

Eli Manning has finally done it. The New York Giants legend, who retired earlier this year, decided to give in and join Twitter. This arrival led to Tom Brady having some fun with him once Manning published his first Tweet. Manning decided to go a Hoosiers route to kick off his Twitter journey, which led to users liking the exchange more than 67,000 times. However, Brady took a dig at Manning, saying he doesn't show up until the fourth quarter.

Brady is referencing Manning beating him twice in the Super Bowl by coming back in the fourth quarter both times. However, Manning had a strong comeback for Brady after he saw his Tweet. "Hope your golf game is as polished as your Twitter game. Don't hit it in the lumberyard," Manning wrote, referencing to Brady competing in The Match: Champions for Charity golf event with Eli's brother Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

This viral moment isn't the first time Brady had some fun with Eli Manning on Twitter. Back when Manning retired in January, Brady sent Manning a message. "Congratulations on your retirement and a great career Eli!" Brady wrote. "Not going to lie though, I wish you hadn't won any Super Bowls." It's clear Brady is still mad about not beating Manning and the Giants in the 2007 and 2011 season. The 2008 Super Bowl loss might hurt a little more as the Patriots entered the game undefeated.

"It was a month before I really felt back to myself," Brady said on the Oprah Winfrey Network, talking about the Super Bowl in 2008. "It was a nightmare. You woke up the next morning... I said, 'It didn't happen. There's no way that happened.'" Brady can't be too upset as he was won Six Super Bowls in his 20 seasons with the Patriots. And he looks to get his seventh Super Bowl title this year with a new team, singing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Manning talked about Brady to the Bucs and thinks he will have a tough time with his new team.


"I think it's gonna be tough for him, just the fact he can't be doing everything he wants to be doing with the team and getting ready,'" Manning said on SiriusXM NFL Radio earlier this month. "Obviously they have some playmakers at receiver there, when you got talented receivers, it makes it a little bit easier to get on the same page with 'em. "It will be interesting how it all plays out."