Edge Not Fond of WWE Billing Randy Orton Backlash Match as 'The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever'

Edge knows his match against Randy Orton on Sunday at Backlash won't live up to expectations. The WWE Hall of Famer recently talked to Arda Ocal of ESPN about how WWE is billing it as "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever." Edge said it won't live up to that name because pro wrestling is subjective.

"I'll preface all of this with saying there's no such thing as the greatest match ever," he said. "You're not going to be able to say definitively, what is the greatest song of all time? What is the greatest painting of all time? What is the greatest movie of all time? What is the greatest band of all time? It's impossible because there's no general consensus." Edge went on to say that everybody is going to have a different opinion when it comes to the best wrestling match of all-time. However, the former WWE Champion understands why the company is billing it that way.

"Vince [McMahon] is a promoter, and he's promoting, but it's like hyperbole," Edge added. "I mean, to me [the greatest match is] not possible. So that takes that pressure out of my mind immediately." Edge and Orton faced off at WrestleMania 36 in April in a Last Man Standing match. Edge came away with the win in what was his first one-on-one match since WrestleMania 27 in 2011. After that match, Edge relinquished the World Heavyweight Championship and was forced to retire due to a neck injury. He officially returned to WWE in January, competing in the Royal Rumble match.

Edge and Orton are all-time greats and can have a great match like at WrestleMania. However, Edge didn't think "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" title wasn't a real thing when first brought up by WWE chairman Vince McMahon and Raw executive director Paul Heyman. "I just laughed because I didn't think it was serious," Edge said. "Then I realized fairly quickly it was. Then my reaction was, is this wise, because anytime you say something the greatest ever beforehand, you're setting yourself up for failure. And I don't ever want to think that way. I need to think the opposite of that."

The match will air on Sunday. However, it won't be live as it was filmed this past weekend, according to Wrestling Inc. The fight took place at the WWE Performance Center before NXT TakeOver: In Your House aired lived at Full Sail University.