Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Is Hard at Work Behind the Scenes of 'Young Rock'

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has shown his excitement for Young Rock, the new NBC series based on his life. Now he revealed that he is hard at work behind the scenes. Johnson put on his PPE and went over many important details.

The hardest-working man in Hollywood posted a photo on Instagram that showed him closely examining what appeared to be a script. He said that he was working closely with the series creator, Nahnatchka Khan, and he revealed how they both have to be very detail-oriented. "We examine every word from every character because these are all real people, real family who are still in my life and those who have passed away," Johnson explained.

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When Johnson posted the photo, several people responded with very simple messages. A multitude just posted the fire emoji to show their excitement for the upcoming series based on the life of the professional wrestler-turned-actor. Comedian Tony Baker simply wrote, "serious bizness."

This post was the second update Johnson provided about Young Rock. He previously posted a photo that showed him striding onto the set to kick off production. He said that Young Rock is nothing like anything he has ever done and that it's very special to him.

Prior to starting production, Johnson entertained his followers on Instagram by creating a unique pitch video. He channeled his inner president and found a way to combine Young Rock with Twisted Sister and comments about his tequila brand.


"Good evening, America," Johnson said in his video. "I come to you tonight to tell you about a new TV show based on my life." As he talked about Young Rock, patriotic music played while photos from his life appeared on the screen. To make the clip even more patriotic, Johnson included a bald eagle, a child running while holding the American flag and the Statue of Liberty.

Johnson has provided snippets of information about the show in recent months, including listing some of the cast members. He also said that Young Rock will follow his life story throughout his early years and into adulthood. There will be a focus on his college football career at the University of Miami, where he was part of a National Championship-winning roster. The story will then continue with the 1990s and the moment he became a worldwide star. Johnson also promised a fair amount of moments focusing on his time making poor choices.