Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Teases He May Suit up and Play in XFL

Is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson looking to return to football? This week, the former WWE Superstar went to Instagram to show off his new XFL belt while at the gym. In the post, Johnson talked about what the XFL means to him and teased he may become a player once the league is up and running.

"Sweatin’ in paradise with my new XFL belt and extra motivation," Johnson wrote. "XFL is much more than a big business acquisition — it represents an idea... As an owner of the XFL, that's my priority — create opportunities for players to live out their dreams, feed their families and ball out — XFL style." Johnson went on to write he was a "good football player," which then led to him writing "so maybe I’ll be the first owner in pro football history to actually suit up and play in the game."

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As exciting that might be for many of Johnson's fans, he shot that down very quickly. "No doubt, I'll get my ass whupped but at least I'm goin' out on my shield - XFL style," Johnson continued. "What a wild, unpredictable journey life can be and I got nothing but excitement and gratitude to create these opportunities for other players and people."

Johnson, his ex-wife and business partner Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital purchased the XFL for $15 million back in August. This comes months after the league canceling the 2020 season and filing for bankruptcy.


"The acquisition of the XFL with my talented partners, Dany Garcia and Gerry Cardinale, is an investment for me that’s rooted deeply in two things — my passion for the game and my desire to always take care of the fans," Johnson said in a statement. "With pride and gratitude for all that I've built with my own two hands, I plan to apply these callouses to the XFL, and look forward to creating something special for the players, fans, and everyone involved for the love of football."

The XFL returned in 2020 after playing one season in 2001. Originally founded by WWE chairman Vince McMahon, the 2020 version of the XFL featured eight teams and started right after the Super Bowl, the league shut down in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of now, the plan is to bring the league back in 2021.