Dustin 'Screech' Diamond to Fight Bagel Guy in Celebrity Boxing Match

Monday morning, news broke that former MLB star Lenny Dykstra was pulling out of his upcoming celebrity boxing match with Bagel Boss Guy Chris Morgan. But the viral personality is not going down without a fight and will have a new opponent stepping into the ring this weekend: none other than, Screech.

Tuesday afternoon, TMZ reported that Dustin Diamond of Saved By the Bell fame had been contacted by Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman about possibly taking Dykstra's spot in the fight with Morgan. The 42-year-old Diamond reportedly accepted almost immediately.

According to TMZ, the highly-anticipated battle between Diamond and Morgan will take place at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City on Sept. 28. It's unknown if Diamond has been training for the bout, but Morgan has reportedly worked with a UFC veteran in Chris Weidman.

Whether or not he has trained recently, Diamond does have experience with celebrity boxing. He once faced Ron Palillo from Welcome Back, Kotter during a 2002 match. Diamond ultimately won the fight against Palillo. Will he find similar success 17 years later against Morgan?

Heading into Saturday's bout, Diamond will have one factor in his favor. Standing at six feet tall, he has a significant reach advantage considering that Morgan is only five feet tall. Granted, the 5-foot-10-inch Dykstra also had this same advantage, but the Bagel Guy was not concerned.

"He's one of the best in the world but he's got 15 years over me," Morgan, 45, said. "No offense but I'm younger, I'm stronger, I'm faster. Let everyone have your opinions. Just wait for it because I have the confidence and I know what I'm capable of." He's got the reach but I've got the stance. I've got the power. I don't think you need to question it any further."

Dykstra originally pulled out of the upcoming match with an announcement on The Howard Stern Show. "Unfortunately, the fight will not happen," he said. According to Dykstra's attorney, the reason for Dykstra pulling out of the fight was in order for him to focus on his upcoming trial concerning a malpractice suit. The former Phillies outfielder filed a $15 million lawsuit against L.A. County and a few deputies, claiming he was beaten while in jail in 2012.


Regardless of which opponent dons the boxing gloves and shorts this weekend, Morgan remains confident that he will reign victorious when all of the rounds have been fought. Although Dustin "Screech" Diamond has a very different view of the upcoming bout.