Dude Perfect Return With Epic RC Helicopter Battle

Dude Perfect, the YouTube stars known for wild trick shots and fascinating competitions, are back [...]

Dude Perfect, the YouTube stars known for wild trick shots and fascinating competitions, are back in action. They released a new video that showed off their aerial skills. Specifically, they took part in an epic RC helicopter tournament.

Much like an episode of Chopped, the RC helicopter battle unfolded over three rounds. The first portion featured the members of Dude Perfect trying to rescue plastic Army men from the top of a burning "building." Only two managed to rescue any, with Tyler Toney rescuing two and Cody Jones rescuing three. The other members watched as their helicopters crashed into the pavement.

The battle continued with an incredibly difficult water landing. The members of Dude Perfect stood atop a waterslide platform and tried to fly an RC helicopter from the parking lot of a water park over to one of the pools where a small platform awaited. The best landing would send the pilot to the final round, where they would face Jones.

The final round put the two remaining Dude Perfect members in the role of a pilot searching for a bandit, AKA a mouse. They had to fly an RC helicopter over the model of a city and track the mouse for three seconds. The first person to achieve this goal would be the ultimate RC champion.

Tracking down Cheddar the mouse was not an easy task for either of the finalists, but one did ultimately achieve the goal. He followed the rodent around for three seconds and secured the victory. Although he made a mistake by dropping the controller to celebrate. The RC helicopter continued flying around and collided with its competitor, sending them both tumbling to the astroturf.

Originally created by former college roommates, Dude Perfect has become a force on YouTube. The main channel is one of the biggest on the video platform with 55.8 million subscribers. These numbers make the channel the 16th-most popular on YouTube. For comparison, WWE is sixth overall with 75.6 million subscribers.

Dude Perfect's popularity has grown to the point that the group has worked with a multitude of prominent stars. They have filmed videos with Luke Bryan, Drew Brees, Odell Beckham Jr., Serena Williams, Paul Rudd, and Aaron Rodgers. They have also collaborated with Toyota, Marvel, McDonald's, Gillette, Bass Pro Shops, and numerous other brands.

One example of a brand partnership featured the Fiat 500 Abarth. The small cars drove around and performed a variety of stunts while the members of Dude Perfect made trick shots with basketballs and footballs. One particular challenge had the Abarth go up on two wheels while Toney threw a pass through the open convertible roof.