Drew Brees Reportedly Getting Calls From TV Network to Become NFL Analyst

Drew Brees is getting at the end of his career as he will turn 41 years old on Wednesday. And it looks like he will have another job waiting for him when he does leave the game. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Brees has been getting calls from at least one TV network to gain his interest in transitioning from playing on the field to being a TV analyst. Schefter did not name the network and this doesn't mean Brees is getting ready to retire.

"Drew has not spoken with them or anyone about any new opportunities," one source close to Brees said to ESPN this weekend. "Until such time as a decision is made about next season, he will not be engaging in any conversations regarding or considering any new opportunities."

If Brees were to make the jump to TV broadcasting, he would be like Tony Romo in terms of an attractive option. But despite not making a decision about his future, it's likely he could return to the field this fall.

"So many great memories and moments from this season with this team," Brees wrote on Instagram after the New Orleans Saints loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs earlier this month. "Thank you Who Dat Nation for all your love and support!"

After the loss, Brees was asked about his future and he said he will take some time and will then make a decision.


"I'm not making any comments on that, other than I've told you guys this over the last couple of years, I've always just taken it one year at a time and kind of re-evaluate each offseason and find the things I want to get better at and move on," he said.

Another thing to watch for is Brees will be a free agent in March and the Saints have not offered him a new contract. When Brees went down with an injured thumb in the second week of the year, Teddy Bridgewater took over and the Saints won the next five games. Bridgewater is also a free agent, so it's possible the Saints could re-sign him and let Brees walk. Brees started his career with the Chargers so seeing him in different jersey is nothing new. But if it does come down to him not being re-signed by the Saints, retiring and moving to the TV booth could be a viable option.