Donald Trump Asks If North Dakota State Could Beat LSU

President Donald Trump is wondering who would win between two national champion college football teams — North Dakota State and LSU. Trump met with North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum on Wednesday as they talked about the North Dakota State football team winning Division I Football Championship Division National Championship back in January. The team also won the title last year and visited the White House. The Bison haven't have the chance to visit Trump this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, which led to Trump asking the question could North Dakota State beat LSU, the team that won against Clemson in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

"So I watched the game on television, the championship game," Trump said. "I didn't know too much about it. I don't get to watch too much (on) the television, football games, right? And I'm saying, 'Man, that team is really good.' They were really good. Then I got a call from Doug and I get a call from John, I get a call from the other very friendly senator, the three of them. They said, 'Do you think we could possibly honor the team, because we honored the national champions?' And my question was, 'How would your team do against the national champions?' They were pretty good, LSU, this year. Not a bad quarterback."

North Dakota State hasn't lost a game since 2017 and have won eight of the last nine national championships. The team is led by quarterback Trey Lance who could be drafted in the first round next year. "This kid is a dual threat like Justin Fields," ESPN's Mel Kiper said, about Lance. "A Justin Fields at a lower level of competition so why shouldn't he be way up there?"

Odds are LSU would be a big favorite in the game because North Dakota State plays in a lower division. However, if the teams were to play now, the Bison would now have to face Joe Burrow as he has moved on to the NFL. LSU visited the White House earlier this year and Trump gave them a ton of praise.


"The truth is, with a great coach, an outstanding quarterback, an entire team filled with heart and skill and hope and courage and passion and strength and unbreakable will to win ... this LSU team (will go on to) be remembered as one of the greatest in college football history," Trump said.