Desmond Howard Previews ESPN's 'College GameDay' for 2022 Season (Exclusive)

Desmond Howard is a longtime member of ESPN's College GameDay, and the show will make its season premiere on Saturday at Ohio State to get fans ready for the school's game against Norte Dame. But what can fans expect from the show for the 2022 season? In an exclusive interview with, Howard talked about how College GameDay will stick to what has worked for them for years while mentioning a new talent will be in the mix. 

"The wheel ain't broke, so we not going fix it," Howard exclusively told PopCulture. "We ain't trying to reinvent the wheel either. But yeah, it should be more of the same. We, adding Jess Sims, who a lot of people know from Peloton, and she's going to be on the show too, so I'm excited about that. Really excited about that. But outside of that, I think we got a pretty good formula that we're comfortable with, that works. We're always looking to get better, but no drastic changes."   

(Photo: Boston Globe)

Howard went on to say there will be minor changes but most fans won't notice them. "I just got off the phone with our producer, and we were talking about little things that we would do maybe leading into a commercial, and things of that nature that may be a little different. But for the most part, there'll be subtle changes," he said. "...But at the end of the day, I think we're still going with the same formula. I'll see at Week 1."


One of the things that will be the same is Howard and the rest of the experts making their picks each week. But is there a team nobody talks about that could make a run at the College Football Playoff? "I think Miami is probably a year or two away, but I do think that they're going to be a team to keep in mind maybe 2023, 2024," Howard revealed. "But I do like Miami. If they made a run this year, I wouldn't be shocked. I would be surprised, but not shocked, simply because I think the ACC is wide open. And because if your conference is wide open and you win your conference, then you stand a fighting chance of being one of those four teams for the college football playoffs."