Dennis Rodman's Interview With Oprah Resurfaces, Faces Heat for Questioning His Sexuality

Dennis Rodman is gained a lot of attention lately due in part to him being featured in the latest episodes of The Last Dance. He was a key player for the Chicago Bulls during the late 1990s, which led to him making a number of TV appearances. One of Rodman's biggest appearances was when he was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in 1996. A small portion of the interview has resurfaced online of Rodman being asked about his sexuality.

"I was very scared to be around boys," Rodman said when asked about being worried about his own sense of sexuality when he was younger. "I didn't know how I would fit in because I was so shy." Oprah then asked Rodman if he was gay, to which he said no. She also asked him if he was bisexual, and he said no. When social media watched the interview, they criticized Winfrey for her questions to Rodman.

"These old clips of Oprah make me realize how problematic she was & how she was able to attain her level of success," one Twitter user wrote. She consistently vilified her own community for the White gaze, for DECADES. I was way too young to get it then but I'm grown & wide awake, now."

There were other fans who attacked Winfrey for the questions because they believe his sexuality is not an issue. However, Rodman goes on to say that he could be bisexual "in his mind." He also questioned men who would say they would never be with a man because they never experienced it.


"I'm not saying go out there and try it, but I'm just saying you don't know," Rodman stated. Winfrey went on to ask Rodman if he's ever been with a man, to which he replied no. "I can't lie and say I haven't kissed a man on the lips," Rodman continued. "But if you have a son, how many times you have kissed him on the lips?"

One of the reasons people started questioning his sexuality at that time was the fact he dressed up in drag for the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1995. He also wore a wedding dress and other women's clothes at the time, which led to him being embraced by the gay community. And when it comes to Rodman's relationships, he's been married to three different women, including Carmen Electra, who talks about their relationship on The Last Dance.