Daytona 500: Sparks Fly in Another Massive Wreck on Lap 199

Another crash has occurred on lap 199 of the Daytona 500. With two laps to go, number 77, Ross Chastain, tried to move inside of Ryan Preece, who was in third. In the ensuing wreck, Chastain caused a multi-car pileup, eliminating him along with Preece, Christopher Bell, Tyler Reddick and Joey Logano -- among others. The official Fox Sports NASCAR account documented the crash on Twitter.

The wreck not only brought out the red flag, but also set up the first attempt at a NASCAR Overtime finish.

This all happened after a different crash that started with Brad Keselowski being turned into the wall and subsequently taking out a slew of cars along with him during Lap 181. The crash initially appeared to be a result of a push by Joey Logano and Aric Almirola, who also were taken out in the scene.

This year's Daytona 500 ended with Denny Hamlin being declared the winner, marking his third win in the race during his career.

Though it was originally scheduled for Sunday, this year's Daytona 500 was subsequently delayed until Monday because of rainy weather. The competition's 40 drivers were already in the midst of the pace lap when the delay was announced, which sent all of them back into the pit area. Even though the weather did clear up not long after the storm, more rain was predicted for the area, reinforcing the delay.

President Donald Trump also served as the Grand Marshal of this year's race, making him the second-ever president to do so, after George W. Bush back in 2004.

"For 500 heart-pounding miles, these fierce competitors will chase the checkered flag, fight for the Harley J. Earl Trophy and make their play for pure American glory," Trump said before the race on Sunday. "And that's what it is, pure American glory."

Trump also did a lap on the Daytona International Speedway in the presidential limo, which he refers to as 'The Beast.'


"Drivers, this is President Trump and it was an honor to open the Daytona 500, have a phenomenal day, have a great race, be safe, God Bless you, we love you," the president said over the radio after the limo pulled off of the track.

However, the president and the first lady, Melania Trump, were not present for the race on Monday, as they both had traveled back to Washington D.C.